How to apply the law of attraction – 5 Effective Steps

How can the law of attraction impact business owners and their route to success? Here are five tips to put the Law of Attraction to work for your employees, company, clients, and especially for you.

1. Know what you want

What do I want? It is one question that needs to answer by every business leader. You can figure out how to get there if you make it more specific.

Do you want to increase your business 30 percent by year-end? Do you want to find your next great hire? Super focusing your mind on the answer to that question will set you on a course to make things happen. Then you can set SMART targets (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) so you and your team members will know what exactly you’re targeting to achieve.

2. Concentrate on gratitude and positive self-talk

Everyone has a voice in our heads. Self-talk is something we do throughout the day. That voice can be either positive or negative, like the familiar devil or angel on our shoulder. Think of how many you criticize yourself every day. You’d be amazed how often it happens, and how destructive it is.

The Law of Attraction says that anything you give focus will raise up, and the essential step in giving creative ideas is thankfulness. Think of specific things you are pleased for to reset your thought process positively.

Practicing positive self-talk and making thankful focus everyday will keep you motivated and optimistic. Then it will put you and your team on the route for success.

3. Visualize success

Visualization is one of the most important tools in every leadership toolset. To reach the maximum benefit, you must make your visualization as realistic as possible.

Visualization allows you to imagine how you will successfully navigate opportunities and business challenges. It can be as easy as blink your eyes and envisioning the next steps you must take to reach success. Mornings and evenings are the best time for visualization because that’s the time we seem to be the most relaxed.

4. Be intentional in communication

Think about the subtle difference between the words “I am” and “I will be.” Why? Because business leaders should use language that says positive outcomes. The first words put you in the mindset of already reaching what you want, while the second words imply something you will do in the future. Be careful of how you express yourself. “I am the winner!” is different from “I will be the winner.”

5. Accountability is the best key

The last step is to ask the other people to hold you responsible for what you’ve done. By this step, you are giving them an exclusive opportunity to see how you visualize your success and see your thought process. Let them see what you’re working to engage, and you’ll receive the support you need to achieve your next goal.

Telling others about your goals is a win-win proposition, even if you believe in the Law of Attraction or not. By putting these five steps into your habits, you allow others to help build your team and company.