Millions of people suffer from problems with digestion, weight loss, and fatigue. Unfortunately, most fail to realize just what is causing them such discomfort. The answer is, ultimately, their diet. Humans were never intended to eat cooked food. In fact, no animals were. Evolution created a planet that can provide for all our nutritional needs without ever touching a stove. That’s why more and more people are switching to a raw food diet. This means giving up all cooked food, but it also means leading a healthier, longer life.

Food is meant to fuel our bodies and keep us healthy. However, many people maintain a diet that is potentially harmful to their bodies. When you fail to eat nutritious food, you do not get the elements you need to survive. In fact, you may even be adding toxic substances to your body through many of the foods you eat. The raw food diet is the only diet that is truly all natural. This means only nutritious, healthy food enters your system. Subsequently, your diet will reap only positive results.

There are many positive reasons to adopt a raw food diet. Perhaps the most appealing, though, is its ability to help you lose weight. Obesity can have dire consequences on your health. However, those who follow a raw food diet are at virtually no risk for becoming overweight. Plus, if you switch to a raw food diet, you will lose any extra pounds you have already accumulated. Raw food eaters are able to maintain a healthy weight no matter how much they eat. This is because raw foods are especially low in calories and fat. So, you can pretty much eat as much raw foods as you want without worrying about your physical appearance or bodily health. Easy to digest raw foods also boost your metabolism, which is a proven way to drop pounds.

In addition to developing a healthy weight, a raw food diet will keep you healthy and energized. By refusing to ingest harmful substances, your body will naturally detoxify itself. This will results in lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and other risky health problems. Plus, raw food is easy for your body to digest, which means you get optimum energy from what you consume. This also means you will not suffer from digestive problems like acid reflux or indigestion. Finally, raw foods also contain healthy bacteria that can improve the function of your immune system and help stave off common infections.

Another great benefit of a raw food diet is that in improve cognitive function. This means your mind will function better when working, studying, or simply playing a recreational game. Those who eat mostly raw foods have been shown to think more clearly, retain greater focus, and maintain a more active lifestyle. Furthermore, raw foods make food preparation much simpler. You do not need to invest in expensive appliances or risk burns while cooking. At most, you may need to peel, chop, or puree the food you eat. This usually takes only a few minutes, which is a vast improvement on the hours many people spend preparing cooked dishes. You will also save money as raw foods are cheaper than processed alternatives and fewer utilities are needed for preparation.

Before adopting a raw food diet, you need to understand what raw foods are. First, they are not anything that has been processed, canned, heated, or refined. Rather, they are foods that are considered “living,” and, as such, are better for your life. These raw foods include fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. Raw foods are also grown organically. This means they are free from any added chemicals that are unnatural and potentially harmful. While it may not seem like it, there is actually a great variety of these raw foods available. Be daring and try some new fruits and vegetables every week. Also, take a look through an organic food store to find new varieties of nuts and seeds.

Many people are concerned about adopting a raw food diet because they fear they will miss out on vital nutrients. The truth, though, is that cooking food makes it harder to get the vitamins and minerals we need. That’s because, in most foods, heating breaks down healthy elements. Furthermore, raw foods are extremely high in fiber. Even without eating bread, you will get all of the fiber you need. That’s because raw fruits and vegetables contain natural plant fiber that is easily absorbed by the body.

Other people feel uncomfortable about giving up meat from their diets. However, it is important to realize that our bodies were not naturally designed to consume large quantities of meat. Our teeth, saliva, and digestive tract are all better equipped to handle raw foods like vegetables and nuts than heavier products like beef and pork. Furthermore, meat increases the amount of bad cholesterol in our bodies. If we avoid meat, we lower our cholesterol and, subsequently, our risk for numerous cardiovascular diseases.

Adopting a raw food diet means you will look, perform, and live a better life. Most importantly, though, you will be able to live a longer and more active life. To get started, try making a slow transition to raw foods. Make the choice to start tomorrow with fifty percent of your diet from raw foods, and increase your intake from there. Soon, you will be looking and feeling better while enjoying the benefits of a raw food lifestyle.


Raw foods are only raw if they’re un-processed, un-altered, and un-cooked. Raw food dieters typically eschew canned, packaged, or man-made foods because they’re very bad for you.

Raw vegetables, greens, and fruits are the healthiest things you can put into your body. They provide lasting, long-term, body energy unlike coffee that hits us with a jolt, a buzz, or a wired feeling. Raw plant foods are complex carbohydrates. When we eat them, the sugar is released slowly into our bloodstream so that there are no blood sugar imbalances. With cookies, candy, sweets, and soft drinks, there can be a super high and a mega low that follows. Raw fruits even hydrate us better than water in the hot sun. Day laborers prefer watermelon, cucumber, and oranges because of the high water content, sodium, and fruit sugar.

Raw foods aren’t limited to vegetables, greens, and fruits. People who eat just the aforementioned foods are called raw food vegetarians. These people also consume nuts, seeds, sprouts, grains, legumes, sea vegetables, and condiments from spices, herbs, and seasonings. Some people go beyond all that and eat raw animal foods too. These people are called Native Nutritionists. This group of raw food folks tries to eat like ancient tribes did long ago. They consume raw egg yolks, raw dairy products, and raw meats, especially organ meats. These people are sometimes called Paleolithic dieters. So, you see, there are many dietary permutations of which raw foods are chosen and consumed. By far, the most popular is raw food vegetarianism. However, this is a large and growing movement that is jumping on the tribal diet train, and their favorite book is Nourishing Traditions. It is one of the only books, besides Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, that explains the tribal dietary movement.

There is considerable controversy about whether or not it’s healthy to consume raw plant foods exclusively. Recent research has indicated the following health problems in people who consume a purely vegetarian diet: lower bone density, amenorrhea, underweightness, dental erosion, elevated plasma homocysteine, low serum HDL cholesterol, vitamin B-12 deficiency. However, recent research has also verified that raw foods are good for the following health problems: obesity, hypertension, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis. By far, the biggest benefit is in obesity. Before-and-after pictures of raw food vegetarians show dramatic weight loss and anecdotal testimonials from the dieters explain a sense of pleasance, well-being, and energy that’s unprecedented in their lives. Some call this the Raw Transformation. Clearer faces, smoother skin, and vibrant, youthful, happy demeanors are the rewards of a raw food diet. Many of these before-and-after pictures can be seen on the Shazzie website. She’s super close friends with David Wolfe, who owns the Raw Food website. These two people are shining examples of vibrant health and positive energy. Perhaps people need a mixture of raw plant foods and supplementary animal foods to be successful on the diet. Since we are part of nature, it only makes sense to eat from nature.

Raw foods contain living enzymes that help them digest that are eliminated when food is cooked. They also contain minerals and vitamins that would be lost in cooking. Raw fruit and vegetable fiber helps regular blood sugar.

Besides inner calm and outward peace, there are diseases that are helped by raw foods. The diseases mentioned before in this article were only the ones mentioned in scientific studies. However, raw food dieters from all over the world have said they get relief from the following health conditions with the raw food diet: diabetes, acne, migraines, bodily pain, asthma, arthritis, allergies, depression, menopause, chronic fatigue, and even cancer. It probably does this through creating homeostasis in the body that balances the system out. These health problems don’t have to be treated conventionally. Try a natural approach first of all.

Raw fruits and vegetables aren’t limited to supermarket store shelves. Exotic foods like Plantains, Durians, Elderberries, Pomegranates, and Breadfruit are just a few of the amazing and tempting foods we should be eating. We would probably be living a lot longer if we had access to them. Search online and try to find someone that will ship them to you.

Make raw food power smoothies that are chock full of antioxidants to look and feel younger and have more energy. Get a blender like a Vitamix or K-Tec that can blend raw vegetables and greens and splash in a lot of berries for taste. Add some fresh-squeezed orange juice. Jack LaLane, a 94 year old, eats 5 to 7 different fruits and vegetables per day. He is a fitness superstar in the United States. The Juice man, well into his 70’s, looks like he’s in his 50’s. He sells a power juicer online. Diamond Organics can ship you raw foods from all over the country so what are you waiting for?


You may be a raw food newbie looking for recipes that are simple and easy, or you may be a raw food veteran who’s too busy to really have enough time to spend preparing your healthy meal. Well, the most common raw vegan recipe that is very easy and quick to whip up is your typical raw salad. How boring. Lucky you, you’ve landed on a page that has a list of some very easy raw food recipes you can prepare in just five minutes or less!

Before we get down on the list, let me tell you this: if you don’t already have it, you should at least get yourself a blender or a food processor! Trust me. These kitchen tools are like every raw fooder’s best buddies! They’re very handy and can make everything so much easier.

But if you don’t have a blender or a food processor (yet) you can first try making one of these easy raw food recipes that don’t need any equipment, like marinated mushrooms or chocolate fudge.

Raw marinated mushroom recipe

You will absolutely love this very delicious recipe. You will need sliced mushrooms, olive oil and raw soy sauce (nama shoyu). Just pour the oil and soy sauce over your mushrooms, gently stir, and let it sit for about five minutes. And that’s it. Too easy? Well it is really that easy! Raw food recipes don’t have to be complicated to be tasty and these raw marinated mushrooms have a real cooked feel to them. Of course, you can pair this dish with other raw vegan recipes like raw salads or raw soups. Explore the options and surprise yourself!

Raw chocolate fudge in 1 minute

No it’s not a typo. You can really produce raw chocolate fudge in just 1 minute. Or maybe even less! Simply mix cocoa powder with coconut oil and honey in a small bowl. Watch the measurements and don’t add too much of any ingredient though. I’m sure it won’t take long for you to mix it as I’m also sure it won’t stay long in its bowl. Easy raw food recipes like this can be made even without you having to stay in the kitchen.

Rawtarian’s silky green smoothie recipe

Okay, here’s one of the easy raw food recipes that needs a blender, and a high-speed blender is highly recommended. For this recipe just blend bananas, oranges, an apple, spinach, water, lemon juice, cinnamon, and/or chia seeds together. The silky texture is what really makes it so tasty because green smoothies like this usually need to be blended until silky smooth to taste the best.

Raw salmon salad pate recipe

The name may sound like it’s going to be a complicated one to make but in truth, this one is so easy! Raw food recipes like this are surprisingly divine for your taste buds. All you need to do is process sunflower seeds into a fine meal, then add red pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, sea salt and dill to be processed until well combined. Transfer it from the food processor into a bowl and you may add chopped celery if you like. It’s that simple and you already have your raw salmon salad pate!

These are just some of my many easy raw food recipes that you can try out. Whether you are still just transitioning to a raw food diet or already enjoying a healthy raw food lifestyle, exploring more creative and imaginative healthy recipes that not only save you time, but also ingredients, is rather satisfying. Sometimes, especially in cases like this, less is surely more.